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#661, Oh, I Love Teddy Bears

This 24" Babe was in the Build-A-Babe collection. I made her because I love Teddy Bears and thought her hair pieces were just to cool to not complete. She has purplish/blue eyes that stand out against her lavender cotton dress. Her long brown pig tails are blue teddy bears dressed in plaid. Her dress is marbled light lavender cotton. The sleeves are trimmed with ecru cotton ruffled lace, secured with elastic and tied with mauve ribbon. The apron is ecru cotton with teddy bears dressed in green, yellow, pink, purple and white polka dotted, striped or plaid and the bodice seam is decorated with aqua piping. Her pantaloons are made of a coordinated fabric as the pinafore of miss matched quilted squares in the same colors are the Teddy Bears. Three rows of one-half inch lavender ribbon decorates the hem of her pantaloons. She is wearing brown boots that are tied with aqua green ribbon. This handmade cloth doll has an embroidered face.

This Babe was completed to show you how well a Babe is finished.


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