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Babe Tales

I just finished a three-day show last week and had a cute experience ... one that warms your heart and brings a smile to your face. A young couple with a two month old baby girl came into my booth. The young father was very interested in my Babes. The young mother was very caring and respectful of what appeared dad wanted to buy a doll for his new daughter. Mom asked me if I was going to be at the 2011 show and I said yes. She very quietly said the child would be a year older and maybe she would like to choose her own doll. Dad was not deterred and mom sensed this. Dad continued to spend a good amount of time looking. Soon they left my booth but very shortly returned. Still looking Dad selected a brown haired blue eyed Babe; they left my booth. No long after leaving they returned; Dad still looking. It appeared he had not found just the right Babe for his new daughter. I approached them and advised them they could exchange if they found another Babe they liked better. Mom smiled and said they might. Soon after Dad brought to me a 24" Americana Raggs. He appeared to be a very quiet humble man but was very pleased with the final selection he had made for his daughter's first doll. 11/5/2010 I like to share good stories about the Babes.

At the craft show yesterday, I had displayed from the Tiah Collection, Tiah Babe #758. A little girl about 7 - 8 years of age became really really excited with this Tiah Babe. She excitedly ran to get Mom and Dad not once but twice for them to come and see this very special Babe she wanted. Mom and Dad did not come right away and the little girl became even more excited. She pulled up a chair and sat down and stared up at my Tiah Babe. I asked what she was looking at and she pointed to Tiah. I want to make certain no one comes to buy Tiah because I really really want her. Tiah did go home yesterday but with the real Tiah's grandmother who bought her for another grand daughter who absolutely adores her cousin, Tiah. 11/1/08

Another good story of how Teri Anne (22") Babe came about. Some years ago I attended a Saturday craft show in Almira, WA which is a farming community of about 400 nestled in the farm lands of central/eastern Washington.

The organizer had a two-year old daughter with hair that had a mind of it's own with the curling ability of straw. She had put all kinds of goo on it just to get it under control. It took me a long time to think about how I could utilize the mother's dilemina but that is how Teri Ann came about. I do not recall the name of the little girl but Teri was the name of the mom and Ann just goes with everything. 9/14/08

I find in selling dolls, that when a customer finds one they absolutely must have, you can't sway them. In one of my first shows I had this Babe I knew I was going to go to my grave with. She was a cute little red head with a beautiful green dress. A woman came into my booth spotted the Babe, clutched the Babe in such a tight hold I was not going to be getting her back. She was on her way to Europe and wanted to write three checks for the Babe to be cashed over the next two months ... on her way to Europe ... go figure. I kept saying no, no, no quite adamantly but she had an absolute death grip on this Babe and I had absolutely no choice but to take the three checks because she was going to take the Babe home ... and did. 8/13/08

This is a lengthy story but a good one so get a cup of tea. Since I have introduced my Baby Cara to you, I think you will enjoy hearing how she came about. A number of years ago I attended a small town craft show in northern Washington. My booth was in the large foyer with Santa and a craft center for the children. I brought in a basket of Babes. Bringing in a second basket, I noticed a little girl about ten or twelve in levies, a white tee shirt and a turned around baseball cap looking intently but not touching the Babes.

Once my display was complete, this little girl came by and quietly looked at the Babes. She made several trips to my booth intently looking. I finally asked her if she had a favorite and she pointed to a cheerleader dressed in a blue and white outfit. We chatted and I asked her name ... Cara.

About mid-morning, Cara had returned to my booth again to look, she spent a good amount of time looking at the cheerleader. Finally I told her if I had not sold the Babe by the end of tomorrow, I would give her mom a good deal. She was little and did not quite comprehend what I was saying so off she goes to get mom. Mom was not pleased with my encouragement of trying to make a sell at the expense of her daughter. She told Cara very firmly the Babes were too expensive and she was not going to buy one. Cara showed up a very short time later with a little cupie doll with a knitted shirt that was purchased for her. For the rest of the show, I never saw Cara with that doll again. Making and selling dolls is like running a doll orphanage, when a customer sets their heart on a Babe whether young or old, you cannot change their mind. Cara made me many crafts/gifts that day. We were bonding quite well for two strangers.

Towards the end of the show on the first day, Cara came to me and told me she was leaving with grandmother to get something to eat. We waved goodbye and I immediately grabbed the cheerleader Babe, bagged her and took her to Cara's dad and stated, "Put this under the tree for Cara."

When Cara returned from dinner, she came to look at her Babe and she was not there. Her grief was really displayed on her precious face. She was in total disbelief and left my booth. She came to me noticeably upset and stood very close to me and whimpered, "Where's my doll?" I put my arm around her and stated it was purchased for a very special and wonderful little girl. This being a very small town, Cara wanted to know who the little girl was. I told her I didn't know but it was a very wonderful little girl who was going to be so very very happy on Christmas day. She kept her head down and her hand to her face and she chatted for quite some time with me always being upbeat about this fabulous little girl who got the cheerleader. I gave Cara a list of the Babes and told her to choose another. She took the list, looked the remaining Babes over then went to sit in the kitchen to study the list. She returned several times without saying a word to view the Babes. On her last trip, I asked which one was now her favorite. She pointed a Babe out but her enthusiasm for a Babe had disappeared.

The next morning the first person in my booth was mom who came eating a bit of crow for her adamant behavior the day before. She thanked me and stated it was a nice thing I had done. Yes, it was I told myself with such delight.

Cara remained closed to me all day and continued making me wonderful little gifts. About one hour before the end of the show Cara disappeared and I never saw her again. I think she was so upset about not getting a Babe that seeing me leave with all the Babes was very difficult for her. Before I left the show grounds, I found a crafter who knew Cara and her family and wanted their phone number. By this time the entire show had heard of my gift so getting the information was not difficult. A few days after Christmas, I called Cara's home. I spoke with mom who was so pleased with the Babe. She confirmed that Cara was very surprised and extremely happy. I then talked to Cara whose excitement just exploded into the phone. She did like the Babe and asked if we could be pen pals. Cara and I did become pen pals for a brief period. Cara is now a grown young lady and I hope when she looked or looks at the Babe, she remembers the words I used to describe the wonderful little girl who got the Babe cheerleader because Cara is truly that wonderfully fabulous and tremendous little girl. 7/6/08

The Babes can be very therapeutic. I was watching the Montel show about a very young lady who had killed her father because he had been sexually abusive to her since she was very tiny. I thought this young lady could benefit from having something to hug and to take her tears - something comforting such as a Babe. I searched the Internet until I found her attorney and then sent an e-mail to him stating that I wanted to GIVE his client Babe #676, giving my website and other information so he would know I was not being a flake. I explained the Babes take a lot of tears, will never pass judgment, can only give love and always happy to see the recipient and are a great release for emotion. The Babes are advertised at 24 inches but are actually 26 inches with no recipient being too young or too old to have one. I do not think the attorney took my offer seriously because I never received a reply. That makes me sad because his client was robbed of her childhood. 7/6/08

Last weekend at a show, I had a couple come by and pick up a Babe and give her a good hug. She is a great huggable size. They purchased the Babe for therapeutic reasons. A young woman was having a serious co-worker problem and they felt the Babe would be very beneficial to her during this time. 4/1/08

During this show I had a fellow stop by my booth as he was passing to let me know he just saw two little girls each carrying a Babe with the biggest smiles on their little faces. (They do bring joy.) 4/2/08

This is a two part story. I was at a craft show last year in November when the organizer spent some time intently looking at my dolls and finally selected Felicity, the Flapper, in a satin maroon flapper dress. She came back again and again to chat and look at Felicity but not purchasing the Babe. The show ended at 5:00 p.m. At 4:00 p.m. her husband came by to purchase Felicity for a surprise birthday party for her.

About 5:00 p.m. here comes the gal to collect her doll but Filicity wasn't there. I don't think I have ever seen a more disappointed face on any child let alone an adult. It was very very hard to keep this gal in the dark. I explained another had purchased the doll.

At the Christmas show in November last year the organizer, Darcy, and I did some brainstorming and came up with the Darcy Doll. She can be found in the Adopted Category.

Last week, Darcy returned Felicity to me whom she had renamed Gertrude after a wildly fascinating adventurous grandmother. Her dog had removed Gertrude from her bed and was a bit too playful with her. Gertrude's face was gone so I will be making a new Gertrude. I created a completely new flapper outfit for Gertrude (#752)in the maroon ... but more fancy. I also used Bitter Green on Gertrude to keep her house mates at bay. I'll also be making a Darcy doll in a hot pink jogging suit with a light pink top. The "D" will have a few flames coming from it because Darcy is really really cool. 3/1/08

I was at a craft show some years ago and my vendor neighbor was glancing out of the corner of her eye at my Babes. Eventually she came over and merely looked at a group of Babes. On the last day of the show she came over and purchased a Raggs Babe. She had a collection of Raggedy Anne dolls setting on a love seat in her living room. When her grandchildren came over they always wanted to play with the dolls. She purchased my Raggs Babe to set on the sofa along with her other dolls but only allowing my Raggs Babe to be played with by her grandchildren. I believe my Raggs got the better of the deal. 8/30/07

Button eyes - oh, my says mom but I gotta tell you I have never had a mother return a purchased Babe or was reluctant to buy the Babe due to the button eyes.

I sew the eyes on with dental floss. This way if a child heads for the eyes, they can withstand the moisture and remain in tact. I use a three and six point sewing method. I do encourage the purchasers to give the eyes a good tug so they will know the Babes are safe and durable.

At one show I was demonstrating to a potential customer how strong the eyes are sewn on and very confidently started tugging at a button with a large flat lip. Well the lip of the button broke leaving the stub still attached to the face of the doll. The customer selected another doll. So fear not customers, I create a Babe that I would let my granddaughters play with. (8/13/07)

I thought of another tale to share. I made an Anley (black) doll who I didn't think was any different than the rest of my Babes but she turned out to be. Apparently when I am working on a Babe my emotions apparently affect the doll. This may sound a bit goofy but one time I was thinking of my friend rather strongly and the blond haired brown eyed Babe I had been working on turned out to look quite similar to her. When I had finished her our friends' first remark was, "She reminds me instantly of our friend."

Now I am getting distracted so I'll move it along. I took this particular Anley Babe to approximately four shows. The first show I kind of noticed. The second show I took more notice but definately the third and fourth shows it happened too much to not notice. Here's what happened. Every man who came through the doors of the shows whether he was one or one hundred and one whether he was alone or with a female came over and touched the dress of that Anley doll. Perpaps I was thinking something I should not have been when I was making her. Whatever it was, that Anley turned out to be quite a babe magnet.

She eventually was purchased by an elementary school teacher for the purpose of setting on the lap of a young female black student with a low self esteem. I know Anley brought a great deal of love and joy to that student. (8/13/07)

I had a tiny little three or four year old come into my booth at a Christmas Show. This little angel was very intent on getting one of my Babes. Her and mom spent much time taking Babes down and letting her little one hold the Babe (touching and bonding are really encouraged.) This little one pointed to a 24" Babe with a black ponytail wearing a white and silver prom dress. When mom handed her the Babe, she immediately turned around and headed for the door. It was cute because the Babe was about the same size of the little girl. When mom asked where she was going she stated, "Santa Clause." Santa was at the show that day having his picture taken with the children. Out the door she goes to have her picture taken with Santa Clause and my Babe. When the picture was taken, this little one graciously brought the doll directly back to me and handed her over. There were no tears. Since Santa now knew the exact Babe she wanted, she had no fears. Mom was standing in the doorway across the room motioning to me she would be back to pick the Babe up. She did. I can only image the joy that little angel had when she opened her present from Santa. Santa listened well and reaffirmed her belief in him. 8/8/07

I have often been asked how I got into making hand made cloth dolls (soft sculptured dolls). Here's how it happened. I was at a craft show selling hand made crocheted christening gowns, tatted items, crocheted pot holders and Christmas balls with crocheted designs when a young woman approached me and asked if I made cloth dolls. She said her daughter was having her first birthday and she wanted her to have a cloth doll. I had just finished a cloth doll and offered this young mom the hand made cloth doll sight unseen and told her if she didn't like the doll, she could return it and receive all her money back. I didn't hear from her again - good sign.

I then realized how uncommon and hard to find hand made cloth dolls were. The dolls have been very well received and I thank each and every customer for their support. (5/19/07)

You never know when you'll come across a customer. I was at the fabric store buying lots of ribbons and trims when the sales clerk cutting my items asked why I was buying so much? I told her and immediately pulled out my Babe family pictures. She has a friend who loves Betty Boop - anything Betty Boop. She bought one of my Babes who was wearing a Betty Boop outfit for her friend. She was every excited because she knew how happy her friend would be. 4/10/07

I had a great show this past weekend and want to share just a few stories. I had a mother and a Grandmother stop by to tell me how much the girls who received their Babes last Christmas enjoy them. Mom was brimming with pleasure in telling me how her daughters were so very surprised and pleased with their Babes. Grandmother said her two granddaughters keep their Babes on their beds and have designated their beds as a "No Play" area because they don't want anyone to touch their Babes. Yet another Grandmother dropped by to purchase a "girly" Babe for her three year old granddaughter who was in the hospital preparing to have surgery. Another Grandmother came by who was planning to bring her granddaughter to pick out a Babe of her choice. For some reason, the granddaughter was unable to accompany her Grandmother. After much looking Grandmother narrowed her choice down to two Babes. When I pointed out one of the finalists was wearing anklets that said, "I (heart) Daddy," her choice was made. A young woman stopped by and was telling me how her mother-in-law comes by my booth every year and buys for her small relatives. The woman stated her mother-in-law really loves my Babes. After careful looking and narrowing down, she chose a 22" in a pink and black velvet dress for her mother-in-law. I believe she was truly enjoying making the selection for her mom-in-law. Daddys, Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers also like to look and buy for their little sweeties. A new Great Grandfather stopped by with his wife and he picked out the Babe for his new great granddaughter. I also had a very tiny four year old cutie stop by with mom and dad to get a Babe. This little one looked intently at what she wanted, listened to mom's comments/suggestions and finally decided upon her favorite. This little one really knew her own mind and held fast in her choice but it was all done with love and respect between the mom and the little one. And still an aunt and her mother came by to pick out a Babe for a new niece. The total selection process for the two probably took an hour and a half. Much touching and holding was done before a Babe was finally chosen. It's fun to watch people select a Babe as well as to hear why they are buying one of my treasures. I love making these Babes and hearing my customer's stories. I also had a few repeat customers back to buy for other little loved ones. 3/26/07

I had a show this past weekend. A little sweetie by the name of Neva came to my booth with her mother and grandmother. Neva told me she received a Babe for Christmas and just loves her. She goes to bed each night cuddling her Babe tightly. Neva's sister also received a Babe for Christmas but she prefers to keep her Babe on a shelf where only she can play with her. A big surprise for Neva! Sunday morning grandmother returned and purchased two more Babes for her. 3/2/07

This past show I had a mother and her 15 year old son come into my booth. Mom had purchased a Babe for her five year old daughter some seven years previous. Over the years, the doll received much loving care. Although the Babe was still in good condition, it had worn some. Big brother was in to pick out and pay for a replacement Babe for his little sister. He chose this Sheriff dressed in purple gingham with black boots. The boots have treads of sparkley purple in them and Sheriff badges secured her pig tails. 11/10/06
A mother was walking briskly past my booth and just before she was almost past it she made an immediate turn into my space. Her daughter's best friend since they were tiny was moving away. This mom picked out a doll that she felt resembled her daughter and another that resembled her daughter's best friend. She gave the one that looked like her daughter to the best friend and the other, of course, to her daughter. She felt the Babes would help the girls to transition their loss as well as keep each other close. 11/06/06
My friend's mother's husband was turning 84 years young and enjoyed fly tying. For his birthday, I was asked to make him a doll (????). I made him an old gentleman doll (pro-type) with khaki "dockers", dirty white tennis shoes, a plaid flannel shirt, a blue quilted vest that zipped and a brown corduory hat to finish his outfit. He had white short hair and glasses as well as a fat tummy that extended over his trousers. I tastefully secured various sizes of fish hooks on the front of the hat and on one side of the vest. This fellow was a very good sport. He said he would put "Mr. Gross" on the shelf next to his fly tying so he had someone to talk to. 11/04/06
My friend's mother was having a birthday and I was asked to make her an angel doll. She was a pro-type and turned out very well. When her mother sold her home and moved into a nursing home, she was very adamant that the doll come with her. The Babe received much love from this angel until her passing. 11/01/06
I have had several young ladies who have been recipients over the years of a Babe. They returned to me with their moms to buy Babes for younger sisters, cousins or friends or as gifts. I have even had a few young girls who have been the lucky recipient of two Babes over the years. 11/01/06

I have a friend who had a prom dress from years gone by but didn't want to toss it out or give it away. To preserve that day in her past for her, I created a Babe making the dress as close to the original as I could. My friend was extremely pleased. Displaying the dress (on the Babe) kept the wonderful magical night of her Prom alive. 11/28/06

12/30/06 - I had an outside show this past August where two sisters (my age) were waiting for me. They each had been looking for dolls as they were doing some inner child work. They had looked at several other dolls but they didn't quite feel right to them. When the sisters saw my dolls, they were like kids in a candy store. It took several visits before they finally made their choices. I am in the midst of creating a future Prom Night category for the Babes, and wanted to show the sisters the gowns I had created. They got very excited about the other outfits I had with me. Here we are three grown woman are on the ground trying outfits on their dolls - just like when we were kids. It was great. Just another tale to share that the Babes are not just meant for the wee ones.

12/30/06 - I did a show in Montana awhile back and had this one customer who was really fun. She worked in a nursing home and wanted to get a doll for one of her patients. She chose a Raggs Babe. This customer declined a bag but carried Raggs with her. At first she wasn't quite sure if she was going to give Raggs to her patient but stated she would in hopes that the patient would let her enjoy the Babe as well. She was a delight.

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