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1/24/2011 She is beautiful! I couldn't possibly send her back! I will be ordering another doll next month and I would like the lighter hair. ... Thank you so much. The dolls are terrific. LW

1/19/09 Hello Wendy, This is a follow-up from: 'Meet Dora #784'. As your aware I live in Tennessee and my family is in Michigan. My daughter (Deana), called once again to say how much my grand-daughter (Paige), loves this doll. Deana, said Paige has it with her no matter where she goes including the bathtub, where Paige places 'Dora' in the chair there awaiting her finished bath. My daughter has a 3-story home with 3-stairways, and Paige can't get the doll and herself up or down them together, so she was constantly requesting her Mom's help. By the morning of day-4, Paige came up with her own solution, that makes it very rough play for Dora. Noting that Paige is 2-1/2 years and 28-inches tall, I find this so very funny, and thought you would as well. Paige figured out to just throw the doll down these stairways ahead of herself, then she crawls down and retrieves Dora at the bottom. Then when Paige goes upstairs she throws the doll up as well. Without having gravity to help, she has to throw Dora several times to get her to the top. When Deana phoned she said the doll takes a daily beating and still there is no signs of wear and tear, or damage, and she still looks new. I would like you to know that you made this doll of quality, through-n-through, and this would not be the case, had Dora been made of poor construction, or by someone less concerned about the product, than yourself... Much Appreciated By Me! Again Thank You So Much For A Beautiful Wonderful Doll, L. Loretto, TN

11/15/08 I received Dora #784, Friday 11-14, and she is even more beautiful than I was sure she would be. I am also impressed with the doll structure, meaning she is solidly built and therefore will give my Grand-daughter years of enjoyment. I want to Thank You for your lovely work and wish you a Very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season. My Pleasure Has Been In Meeting You, L. Loretto, TN

10/1/08 Cool site. P. Williams

9/14/08 I just wanted to let you know that I received the doll yesterday! My hubby answered the door when it arrived and when I came down stairs he was taking the doll out of the plastic baggie....I STOPPED in my tracks and fell to the floor sobbing! My hubby brought her over to me and I tell you I had no words! I thought about what this doll will mean to Hadley and the time and love you put into making her! From the bottom of my heart, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! She is ABSOLUTELY breath taking!
PS. For those of you that want to buy a doll for your daughter or grand daughter (etc.).....Baby Kisses Dolls are amazing! Beautiful! She is so much larger than I thought she would be (AWESOME!). Her lavender dress is sparkly and beautiful and every inch of her is well constructed. AMAZING! I am going to buy my daughter one for Christmas! I can't wait! I passed on your business to a few of my friends with little girls, because they LOVED Hadley's doll too! I wish you all the best, Wendy, with your business. You do amazing work! Thank you, again!!!!!- J. Hillsboro, OR.

8/18/08 The doll is sooo adorable! We love it! My daughter just turned 1 on Sat. so it was the perfect "late" b-day present...she loves the doll and is especially intrigued by the eyes and hair. Thanks so much! JW/ Purcerville, VA

4/14/07 OH MY GOSH...They are adorable simply precious, thank you for doing such a beautiful job. Thank you so much, they are sweeeeet.....:)!DS /Spokane, WA

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Fantastic Site! Very unique site, lots of interesting items too.

Great site! I LOVE shopping here!! Everything is so much more different than what everyone has out and the prices are the cheapest I have found! I received my order in less than a week total time! Will be back for sure! - C.

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