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Lay Away Plan

For those of you who prefer not to use a credit card, I am pleased to Lay Away. There will be no additional fee for this service and all sales are eligible.

With the Lay Away Plan it is now easy to give your loved one(s) a hand made cloth doll to enjoy, love and hug alot without an immediate financial impact.

To use the Lay Away program, just select the BabyKiss doll you want by adding her to your cart. When checking out enter the voucher code LAY AWAY at the bottom of the invoice that says: Enter Voucher code if you have one. The system will calculate the 25% that is due at the time of purchase and deduct 75% of the purchase price.

The 75% balance is to be paid over a three month period. Checks, money orders, direct withdraw are accepted methods of payment. You will be sent an invoice monthly to remind you of the balance that is due. If payment is not made in full after 90 days, the Babe will be returned to inventory and the amount paid will not be refunded.

If a customer has selected a Babe on the Build-A-Babe program, construction of the Babe will not begin until she is paid in full.

I think this is a wonderful program for those of you who want to purchase a Babe and prefer not to use a credit card. I am always happy to answer any question you may have, so please contact me at

So... let's hear from ya.

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